Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Voted. And the Winners Are . . .

Thanks to all of my social networks for offering their favorite golf gift suggestions. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, have all weighed in how to spend a total of  $100 on 3 golf gifts. I was overwhelmed by the response and most grateful for everybody taking the time to do so. The analytical decision was very clear for two great gifts and most clouded about a third choice due to hundreds of  single items recommended. Thus, no consensus  for third gift. I must admit I am partial to sustainable things and like our two winners for just that. They will last you longer than the expensive golf shirt you bought and, after washing just once, now looks like the tee shirt your uncle wears to mow the lawn. Or the dozen golf balls long gone to their great reward. Something reusable, long lasting, and endurable is what we need here.

And here they are . . .
First gift creating the most buzz on social media networks for golf Christmas gifts:


Should you have a golfer in your life that loves to play private courses but does not want to join any of them, this is the ideal gift. Do they want to play that private course down the road but don't know a member? Now there's a way to test drive private courses across the country without risking the trespassing charge. A new online service called provides access to tee times at private clubs. Boxgroove with over 70  participating courses and over 650 members, some of whom hold memberships at private clubs and may be willing to host other members. The company plans to be in 30 states by summer 2010 and eventually to take the service international. A sustainable gift that keeps on giving. Just click on the banner below for more information regarding the extra awards you receive with a gift subscription.
A true value for $49.

Second gift making the most buzz on social media networks for Christmas gifts:

Another sustainable gift whose creation has been long overdue. A neat, tidy way to recognize your ball. Everyone must be able to identify their ball. Right? The Tin Cup lets you personalize your golf ball with a bunch of different stock symbols, characters and icons or you can customize your Tin Cup with your name or just about any other logo that will fit.  Dogs, sharks, martini glasses, crosses, or anything else you can think of can be on your Tin Cup. If you believe simple items are the best, this is it. Hey, and no batteries required. Just fit the cup over your ball, fill in the stencil with a sharpie, and you've got a perfect mark on your ball every  Here is another reusable, long lasting, and endurable golf gift.

Just $17.95 each!  Go here to check this out

So there you have it. Two great, sustainable gifts recommended, without reservation, by the grand social network channels mentioned above.

Happy Holidays.                                            

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... These were the two "recommended by the participants" - right! And magically all other recommendations were "one of" so you couldn't decide - right! Just so you know, not "everyone" fell for this one.

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