Friday, December 11, 2009

The bear says, "It is none of my business."

Gentleman Jack Nicklaus clearly stated his feelings and attitude toward Tiger's transgressions when he stated, "It is none of my business." Need he say anything more? You get his message from the get go. We should all be a little more like Jack. That's right; time to move on to something  else. We need to separate Tiger's talent from his morals. Tiger still has his problems but the offended outrage serves no worthwhile purpose.
You no doubt admired Tiger for his golfing achievements and talents and are encouraged here to do so again. Those of you who are delighting in his fall from grace viewed him as a role model. That was your mistake to begin with. Charles Barkley did not mince his words when saying, "I am not a role model, I am a basketball player." Charles being Charles. What you see is what you get. Just like John Daly. Both of these characters are still popular. 

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