Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey . . .Ho! Hey . . .Ho! Hip Hop Hooray!

Give some props to the Oregon Ducks for a super season and a place in the BCS Rose Bowl where The Ohio State Buckeyes await. Don't miss this one if you are fascinated and interested in imaginative offense. I mean the kind you played as a kid in the back yard when you drew up the plays in the dirt. These guys are fun to watch. Give credit to head coach, Chip Kelly, and offensive coordinator, Mark Helfrich for coming up with never before seen plays like the option to the flanker who actually jogs backwards on the snap. [You have to see it.] Hope they include this in their Rose Bowl package. They also have perfected the "fly sweep" that would make Steve Spurrier, the creator of this play, very proud. Great athletes on both sides of the ball. Give Coach Kelly some props for advancing the Spread Read-Option Offense to the next level. Wonder what kind of uniform and colors they will run with for the bowl? Wonder if Chip Kelly would be interested in the Virginia job?

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