Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright?

As every athlete knows, embarrassment is the most dreaded and feared outcome. Tiger is no different. How will he react to his humiliation? My take on this is he will transform himself into an even better golf champion. This year he won six times by hitting 1,000 balls a day as well as spreading his protein around the globe. He is a blue chip, thoroughbred, world class athlete that comes along once in a blue moon. Since his protein spreading days are (hopefully) behind him, he will spend more time hitting practice shots than cocktail waitresses.
He has 14 majors. Jack has the most with 18.  As a result of his "transgressions", Tiger will rededicate himself to winning majors. I am setting the OVER/UNDER line at 19 Tiger majors.Take your pick: Over or Under 19 majors (lifetime) for Tiger.Please share your pick and the reasons for it by leaving a comment on this post.


McRedmond Morelli said...


as they say in golf you hit that flush. I'm going over. A rededicated Tiger is bad news for the field. 22

Tucker said...

definitey over 19 majors as this will only make him focus even more on winning, if that's even possible.

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