Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retired Coach Radio Show on Hiatus

Where is the coach this week?

The Retired Coach Radio show will be taking a short hiatus until after Labor Day. Taking the time to retool the radio show, book future guests, and also get in some serious practice time for the my club championship tournament. In the mean time, if any of you are jonesin' for the ole coach, I have cued up some past shows for your listening pleasure for you to re-visit and enjoy until my return on September 8th.
Enjoy these archived shows. The live show will resume on Wednesday, September 8th with special guest, Mary Hafeman, who will be sharing her "Golf Get Ready" program. See you then.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SHE IS Jennifer Maurer, Social Networking Professional Extraordinaire

Say hello to Jennifer Maurer.

Join me as I welcome Jennifer Maurer of the Brandinghouse, a creative design and marketing/public relations firm that provides branding support for golf companies. She will be the featured guest on my radio show Wednesday, August 25 at 10 AM. Jennifer will be discussing the social networking ways and means for you to market yourself, your business or your favorite causes. Nobody is better at this than Jennifer. N-O-B-O-D-Y. Did I mention nobuddie?

Listen in to discover the proper building blocks and verified techniques for developing rewarding and profitable social networking followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Tune in live or circle back for the podcast.  Find both here on the Retired Coach Radio Show

She is ready to share some terrific information with you.


She is well equipped to stand on her own and tell it like it is.

 She is brilliant and engaging.

Pretty amazing person with a super message to share with you. Jennifer is  social networking rock star.

Do not miss this broadcast.

Wednesday, August 25
10:00 AM ET