Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Details of Golf Course Architecture

You are invited to join me this week on  The Retired Coach Radio Show as I welcome golf course architect, Ken Gibson.
Great golf course architecture lies in the details. What places the few, truly great golf course architects in the upper echelon of this type of design is their understanding of this, and their ability to implement these details seamlessly. Learn more about this intensive process and why it requires a hands-on approach to design in the field. Ken Gibson Golf is committed to great architecture in the spirit of the old game.

Here are  a few of the discussion questions I will be asking Ken:

1.  What are your thoughts regarding "green" design and how it relates to the golf industry?

2. Share some positive signs and trends in course design and development you have witnessed in the last 5 years.

3. Do golf course architects intentionally aim tees at hazards and out of bounds?

Be part of the show . . . The Retired Coach Radio Show

Tune in live this Wednesday at 10 am EDT and call in to the show at (646) 727-2456 to speak with us or return later for the podcast. All regular golfers are cordially invited to attend and participate. 

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