Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Improve your game with custom made golf clubs.

My radio show this week will feature Jay Turner, owner of RedBird Sports. Their pursuit of crafting and fitting the finest custom made golf clubs for enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes and abilities remains the same and originates from this simple thought — "You didn't come off an assembly line. Why settle for clubs that do?" They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Jay and Fred Couples grew up together in the same Seattle neighborhood and relished their competitive rounds at Jefferson Park. Jay currently maintains a 2.9 handicap index. Wow, a great golfer making golf clubs. What a combination: a master craftsman with a passion for the game. Hard to beat, wouldn't you say? Discover why custom fitting is so beneficial and how your game will improve when you play with clubs made just for you.

BTW. Two shows ago, my golfing bud, Cliff, called into the show. Later that day he made a hole in one witnessed by me. Last week, my guest, Heather Jones of Real Women Golf, witnessed an ACE by her friend two days after the show.  Coincidence or not? They say things happen in 3's.
Stay tuned . . . .

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Tune in live and call in to the show at (646) 727-2456 to speak with us and visit with Jay or return later for the podcast. All regular golfers are cordially invited to attend and participate.

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