Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rob Pritts, Renaissance Man For Sure

This is a reprint of my blog I posted earlier this year on Rob Pritts. It is well worth re-visiting again. Rob is my featured guest. this week on  The Retired Coach Radio Show

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 This is a remarkable story. See if you agree.

Last week, while on a golf related assignment, I had the opportunity to visit with Rob Pritts, CEO of Back 9 Promotions, on the phone from his Atlanta office. During our 45 minute conversation, he shared his journey with me. It will restore your faith in mankind.

A successful banker with 15 years of financial success at the corporate level with a major lender became yet another laid off, downsized professional looking for work. While figuring out his next employment step, he became aware of a neighbor with stage 4 lung cancer in need of financial assistance. The neighbor, a single dad raising two children and unemployed himself due to his never ending medical appointments, was in dire straits. Mr. Pritts understood the suffering this family was experiencing and wanted to do something to alleviate their pain. At the time, he was not financially able to aid his neighbor, so he did the next best thing. He figured out what he could do was raise money for his neighbor's cause. After all, Rob was a banker, with immense fiscal knowledge and deep connections to his community. This led him to initiate a group effort for a golf marathon in hopes of raising $500 to help his neighbor. What followed was certainly an unintended outcome of being unemployed.

In less than 2 weeks, his group raised $8,000 and Rob envisioned golf events being able to provide financial support to others needing assistance. Out of the vision, Back 9 Promotions was born.

Rob now runs golf fundraisers nationwide. In fact, I have already volunteered to work at his August event in Richmond, VA. Back9Promotions is about helping others in the back 9 of life that need a mulligan. Those who need a good bounce of the ball and a sense of hope in a sometimes hopeless situation is what Back 9 Promotions is all about. Their admirable goal is to assist charitable organizations raise funds via golf to enhance the lives of others who face overpowering challenges in their lives.

For more information on this great man and company, take the time to visit his web page Back 9 Promotions  and discover how you may join his cause and help raise funds for those less fortunate.

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