Friday, January 1, 2010

May I Suggest a New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year, 2010. If you are like me, most of you in the next day or so will have a stream of consciousness about resolving to do something toward self  improvement in the year ahead. Let me share my all time favorite book, Golf in the Kingdom, with you, and recommend you add this to your must read list for the New Year. This masterpiece by Michael Murphy will captivate golfers and non-players as well.  Not a book to improve your score; but a mystical story designed to transform your perspective on life.  Yes it will. It did for me.

Several years ago while on a business trip to Richmond, VA I was given this book by Mr. Bernard Savage, a prominent Realtor and golfer extraordinaire. As well as a true Virginia gentleman. I read the book on my return flight to Connecticut. The next week I read it again on a flight to California and re-read it again on the return flight.  What an impact it had on me. After this I could not wait to give this book to friends and clients who loved golf.  These books were presented with just one instruction: Enjoy and pass it on to another golfer.Who knows, some of these may still be traveling along to more golfers. I have enjoyed this wonderful story at least a dozen more times since it first came to me. This is clearly the best expression of the relative elation and charm of the game that has ever been recorded. Filled with instructions that are obvious as well as understated about life lessons discovered in a single round of golf.
Golf in the Kingdom repositions the spotlight back on the personal and sacred behaviors of the game; something we must all re-visit from time to time. Find or buy a copy. Read, pass it on, and let me know what you thought about this journey as well as my suggestion to experience it first hand.
Bet you will read it more than once.

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