Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Play Golf in the ZONE

A great interview today with author, Roy Palmer. His latest book, Golf Sense [Practical Tips On How To Play Golf In The Zone] was the topic of our discussion. His book covers a wide variety of mental and physical exercises designed to put you in “the zone” – a sublime state where life and sport do not seem quite so complicated.

Most of us get it by mistake and then do not know how to get it back. I have also witnessed it. Several years ago I was caddying in a pro-am for my good friend Bill Ward. His front 9 was off the chart and we stopped counting after 7 holes. On the back 9 he found his way into the zone and shot a natural 36 and tied pro D.A. Weibring on the backside. Nothing to it! Still smile when I think about that day.  What a magical moment.

Interview comments from Roy on how to get into The Zone:

•  Be in the moment by focusing on the activity in hand, whether you are walking, standing, going into your stance, or preparing to take your shot
•    Be detached from the outcome
•    Keep your jaw, neck, and shoulders relaxed
•    Sense the ground under your feet
•    Prevent your habitual reactions from taking over
•    Enjoy the moment and let nature take its course

You may listen to the entire 15 minute interview here on The Retired Coach Radio Show

This was also a milestone interview for me by having Roy Palmer as our first international guest speaking with us from Bedford, England.

For more information on this author and book go here

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I have been playing golf on and off for years, I always forget the basics when I come back so this has helped me with my short game no end. Thank you.

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