Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Tiger's New Coach

Is there anyone out there who does not realize the wheels have completely come off Tiger's life on and off the golf course? Add to this, the departure of his recent swing coach, Hank Haney, and it is easy to see the train wreck his life has become. Where does this once invincible golf superstar go to put his game back in order? It has been said your true personality comes out on the golf course. Tiger's game will settle down once he resolves his off course issues. Tiger's life and swing are so filled and riddled with technical overload it is no wonder he has back pain.

What about his next coach? He needs someone to guide him back to his winning ways. Someone to guide him on a new and refreshing path. He needs Eben Dennis, the golf coach who stabilized Nick Faldo's game and resurrected him from the technical overload that was suffocating his game. Eben learned the game from observing Hogan, Demaret and Burke. He is a teacher of the game with respect for the past and with an eye on the holistic approach. Vision, feel, & trust are just a few building blocks he emphasizes. He got Faldo back on track and Tiger needs Eben Dennis now. 

I should know, he is my golf coach. You see, he was a guest on my radio show last week and we just sort of hit it off. You can listen to that show here and discover for yourself why he is the perfect fit for Tiger. Eben was kind enough to offer to help me with my game. I emailed him a problem I was having with bunker shots. He called me and guided me through an easy to understand path to correct this problem. Never once did he suggest a technical approach. Keys were feel. vision and going shallow.

Learn more about Eben Dennis by visiting his website Power Feel Golf and you will see why he is the golf coach who can put Tiger back together again.


Anonymous said...

Listen, Tiger is having serious issues right now. No doubt. However, his mechanics are God awful. He is a smart man, he must know this. Why he continues to grip the club so poorly and not swing it on plain is beyond me. He can fix his mechanics by himself in a matter of hours. He doesn't need some coach that's going to help him envision his shots. He simply needs to pull his head out of his ass and set up with proper mechanics. It's simply logic which he is refusing to use.

Anonymous said...

Probably for the same reason you can't spell plane.

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